"It's not because things are difficult that we don't dare; it's because we don't dare the things are difficult." Seneca

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." american native


"I do not know if these are the views of Saint Exupery or Mermoz who gave me the desire to know the places they had developed their image and feelings they described in their books ... But need to join Brazil in flight on a microlight led me into one of the most dangerous adventures that I have been given to achieve "



"After 15 years traveling the oceans on my sailboat charter and my big multihull racing, following a trail of 350 000 miles and several dozen Atlantic crossings, I always run to the far horizon curves continue fleeing constantly behind the waves. Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, Indian are all maritime areas that have haunted and that always attract me with the same force! "


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2002 - The catamaran Itzamma


Itzamma, catamaran cruise speed and comfort,  allowed Guy Delage to visit the most beautiful corners of the Caribbean with his friends.


  • Length 15 m
  • Width 8.2m
  • Draft 1.1m
  • Sail area upwind, 148 m²
  • Engines: 2 Yanmar 39 HP
  • Weight navigation without crew (weighed in June 2006): 9, 25 tons

Itzamma Why?

"After the sinking of Ocean Observer drifting submarine, a group of friends suggested me to leave the ocean to guide them to sea, provided that I rebuild a new boat comfortable and fast they will finance a portion ... Thus, after a meeting with Erik Lerouge, Itzamma was born under the sign of the Maya god. Two difficult years for the building where I see the true friends support me, and a proud ship is born Itzamma ... has sailed the Caribbean for 4 years non stop, playing with the hurricanes, bringing many friends, discovered the anchorages of this still fun region. Cruise ship extremely fast, and powerful catamaran almost perfect, he braught to his crews joy and serenity. "

The boat


Itzamma was the prototype of a new series of catamarans. This superb catamaran has been completed and launched in February 2002. Carbon is widely used, rotating mast profile was maintained by rigging all textiles. There wereno turnbuckle on this modern boats, but just spectra surliures ...

These building techniques were ubiquitous on this prototype to provide a boat light and powerful.

It was built to perfection and the results on the water have exceeded expectations: the boat was extremely fast and fun and speed outperforms all the sailing catamarans which were sailing in the Caribbean.

In normal conditions it takes a good ten knots upwind, and by unleashing the speedo increase easely and smoothly until twenty knots, then it can continue to accelerate, but we are on anther planet... The boat glides smoothly, nothing happens on board and a bottle placed on the saloon table rarely falls except in very rough conditions. For regulars monohull racing and cruising, it is very disturbing, all cues are lost, go so fast with such ease is really confusing.
Those who wished to embark on that catamaran and came navigate with Itzamma were conquered.



After 40 000 miles embellished rushes over 25 knots, Itzamma was sold in 2006 ... and now spends quiet days in the Mediterranean.



Ocean "My relationship with water and ocean is truly carnal.”

Born in the depths of the Champagne countryside, nothing predisposed to do that Guy Delage will love the ocean dumping ... yet it is one of them who will make known at 18, crossing the Channel by swimming alone and without assistance...

1973 Le Conquet – Ouessant with fin still alone and without assistance
thousands of hours diving and snorkeling
In 1994, Guy Delage crossed the Atlantic alone, drifting and swimming
In 1998, he embarked on a voyage across the Indian Ocean drifting in a passenger submarine to 7 meters depth.