"It's not because things are difficult that we don't dare; it's because we don't dare the things are difficult." Seneca

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." american native


"I do not know if these are the views of Saint Exupery or Mermoz who gave me the desire to know the places they had developed their image and feelings they described in their books ... But need to join Brazil in flight on a microlight led me into one of the most dangerous adventures that I have been given to achieve "



"After 15 years traveling the oceans on my sailboat charter and my big multihull racing, following a trail of 350 000 miles and several dozen Atlantic crossings, I always run to the far horizon curves continue fleeing constantly behind the waves. Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, Indian are all maritime areas that have haunted and that always attract me with the same force! "


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1998 - Mission Oxygen: under the indian ocean surface

Difficult experience that opened on the knowledge of the oceans in general and especially pelagic world. Ocean Observing an operation should be alert to the general public.

Crossing the Indian Ocean in 1998 in an underwater habitat drifting at -7m depth.


"Pollution, fishing pressure, climatic, are phenomena that destroy the balance ocean. Yet the future of humanity is played there in the deep blue sea as the phyto plankton produces 80% of our oxygen. More and more awareness raised against the abuses of our industrial society against this environment which should remain intact ... "

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Check the physiological capacity of humans to withstand life in shallow blood saturation accompanied by successive lifts. Observe the stress mechanisms of such a test.
Observe the pelagic life by promoting its concentration around a drifting object.
Getting samples of phytoplankton and zooplankton to develop a qualitative inventory of the region.

Steel float overhead (design Rougerie)
Length 10m


Width 4.5 m

Weight 12 tonnes
Regeneration and compression of the air 2 electric compressor 40l/mn, 1 thermical (diesel) compressor 26m3 / h, regeneration system with lithium hydroxide.
Energy: 4 wind turbines, 12 solar panels of 85 W, batteries 1000 A / h at 12 V.

Underwater Habitat = steel (design Rougerie)
Length 6m
Width 2.2m
Volume 16 m3
Weight 6.5 tonnes
Amenities: 1 office, 1 toilet, 1 bunk, 2 microwave
Means of Communication: Inmarsat satellite links B, C, HSB radio and radios VHF
Ballast: 12.5 tons.

Simulation in a hyperbaric chamber in the center of Ravenna, Italy
Test in situ in the port of Le Havre.

Difficulties encountered:
Weather anormally bad for the season (El Nino year)
Ruptures of the suspension of the underwater habitat (resistance 200 tons), and sinking of the underwater habitat after 13 days of drift.

Results, Advances in knowledge:
Observations made in marine biology at 65%
Drawing planktonic made to 60%
Experience leading (following the sinking of Ocean Observing) the design of new underwater habitats.



Ocean "My relationship with water and ocean is truly carnal.”

Born in the depths of the Champagne countryside, nothing predisposed to do that Guy Delage will love the ocean dumping ... yet it is one of them who will make known at 18, crossing the Channel by swimming alone and without assistance...

1973 Le Conquet – Ouessant with fin still alone and without assistance
thousands of hours diving and snorkeling
In 1994, Guy Delage crossed the Atlantic alone, drifting and swimming
In 1998, he embarked on a voyage across the Indian Ocean drifting in a passenger submarine to 7 meters depth.