"It's not because things are difficult that we don't dare; it's because we don't dare the things are difficult." Seneca

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." american native


"I do not know if these are the views of Saint Exupery or Mermoz who gave me the desire to know the places they had developed their image and feelings they described in their books ... But need to join Brazil in flight on a microlight led me into one of the most dangerous adventures that I have been given to achieve "



"After 15 years traveling the oceans on my sailboat charter and my big multihull racing, following a trail of 350 000 miles and several dozen Atlantic crossings, I always run to the far horizon curves continue fleeing constantly behind the waves. Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, Indian are all maritime areas that have haunted and that always attract me with the same force! "


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2006 – building of the 65 ft sailing boat Dagda

In 2007, Guy Delage began construction of this magnificent monohull sailboat 19,5 meters "Dagda", with particular ecological characteristics.
Superb 65-foot monohull, the ecological Dagda is capable of speeds worthy of maxi racing monohulls, while providing its passengers the most comfort safe.

Guy works alone and the boat is a reflection of the Celtic god whose name it bears god Dagda: omnipotent and omniscient.

The construction of Dagda is already well advanced. At first, the work began by presenting the more technical elements using composite materials weakest and the most expensive The rudders, mast of 23 meters length in one piece ...

Although the heat conditions in the shed are a little high, the dosage of the chemical appeared to give satisfactory results under vacuum. The yard is in good working order and equipment is not lacking.


“THE” sailing machine Dagda

"A monohull result of my thousands of miles, even a sailboat hybrid between comfort, speed and security, but especially a sailboat" green "resolutely turned towards the future and the preserving of the planet ..."
Dagda Why?
The age of the master, the desire to visit new countries and more distant, sometimes less hospitable, have created a new draft monohull under the sign of God Dagda Celtic omnipotent. Dagda will take you on cruises "extra ordinary "!

Dagda, ecological monohull 65 feet, is one of the boats that best combines performance, comfort and safety. It will be very pleaseant to the sea, with the latest equipments.  light and comfortable design make it a cruising monohull among the speed of the most recent modern racing boats.


Comfort and fun for everyone

Dagda can travel the oceans of the planet at an average speed between 9 and 9.5 knots with two crews...peaks at 20 knots!
Eight people can comfortably live independently for about a month and a half (freezer, refrigerator, water maker, and natural electricity).
On board, no odor of fuel that you continue ... and you hear no more diesel to recharge the batteries, nor to enter and exit ports.
A compressor and scuba tanks you easily explore the most beautiful anchorages in the fund.
An ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) will visit visually funds up to 250 m deep.
And of course there will be the  flying tender which will admire the scenery from up there. Spectacle and emotion guaranteed !....
Outside still a great area to sunbathe, scales and shower on the aft skirt swimwear
The cabins are spacious with storage
A set of awnings shelter you if you prefer a drink or read



Overall length 19.5 m
Overall width : 5 m 30
Draft 4 m when sailing, 1 m 50 when the keel is raised
Sail area upwind : 225 m²
Operating weight : 17 tonnes
Displacement : 15 tons
Battery electric motors range : 3 hours before recharging
Autonomy water almost without limit (depends on the energy recovered)
2 electric motors 18 kilowatts
Engine speed from 6.5 to 7 knots cruise
Mast height : 23 m 50
Gennaker : 120 m²
Ballooner : 300 m²
Mast Carbon epoxy
Boom "Park Avenue" carbon epoxy
Runner Textile forestay and staysail releasable
Tiller 1 - 2 rudders
Keel : electric motor to upload and download the keel
Annex : 1 Rigid 3.6 m with outboard engine 15 hp that can fly in hydro-ulm
Rear skirt with bathing ladder



Watermaker Electric : 60 liters / h / water pressure
Deep Freezer 150 liters
Refrigerator 300 liters
Stove Oven
Energy: 2 wind generators / 1kW solar panels / propulsion engines operating in reverse / generator 22 kWa
For cold climates (Patagonia, Antarctica): 1 stove installed in the central part
navigation with GPS and digital mapping
Audio Player
Transmitter receiver B.L.U.
Radio transmitter V.H.F with AIS.
Inmarsat Began Satellite Phones
3 complete moorings (100 yards combined) with electric windlass - 2000 W
Liferaft 8 seats
1 board computer with weather fax reception
1 Compressor and scuba tanks
1 ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
and especially the more extraordinary: a microlight tender !



1 aft cabin starboard with 160x200 bed, wardrobe, bench.
1 forward cabin with double berth of 1.6 m / 2m /. Storage and bench
1 cabin with two bunks, storage
1 double cabin
table with 8 guests, chart table side cooking on port with fridge freezer
1 toilet back with Lavac toilet, washbasin and shower storage.
1 toilet before with Lavac toilet, washbasin and shower storage
Cockpit with large space to install the rear deck salon anchorage
Many storage lockers.



only releases: human effluents.
electric renewable energy: 1 kilowatt solar panels, two wind turbines and electric motors especially in "reverse" produce energy edge.
renewable water with the water maker



Dagda is an extremely swift sailing boat ... very close to new boats which turn race around the world. It is the result of the latest research on hydrodynamics which are the prerogative of the hulls of "Volvo Race” or Imoca. This gives a speed that no cruising sailboat of its size is now able to compete;
light through the building one off,
power through deep ballast and water ballast,
large wing surface,
Appendices sophisticated are its key strengths ...

The objective is to obtain stress-free an average speed equal to or greater than that of Itzamma my last 50 ft cat. His average is a reflection of his power and voltage lines.
average speed reduced crew: between 9 to 9.5 knots
top speed: 20 knots


Progress of Dagda building

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The two rudders are ready to be installed
All pieces of the keel are made: the steel box, the two sides of the bulb and two sails
The boom and mast await their accessories


couples2_200-181de-2af0c couplesmontesar mat

July 2006: the first real work. Here the assembly couples.


silhouette_et_plan_200-d2956-eff56 Plans Silhouette_de_face_200-2-7bfa4-c8f8d and dreams... 3_coupes_200-cf765-2d41d

In 2006 Dagda took shape in the head of Guy.



Ocean "My relationship with water and ocean is truly carnal.”

Born in the depths of the Champagne countryside, nothing predisposed to do that Guy Delage will love the ocean dumping ... yet it is one of them who will make known at 18, crossing the Channel by swimming alone and without assistance...

1973 Le Conquet – Ouessant with fin still alone and without assistance
thousands of hours diving and snorkeling
In 1994, Guy Delage crossed the Atlantic alone, drifting and swimming
In 1998, he embarked on a voyage across the Indian Ocean drifting in a passenger submarine to 7 meters depth.