Stroboscopie pour étude de palmage - 1994
Banc de requins gris - Fakarava -Tuamotus - 2015
Crabe des Galapagos - 2010
Jeune fou pattes rouges - Los Aves - Venezuela 2013
Pélican - Los Roques - Venezuela - 2013
Dérive cloche sous marine - océan Indien - 1998
Prao Rosières - 1982
Prao Pacifique Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon - 1986
Atoll Los rocas - Traversée Atlantique Sud en ULM - 1991
Traversée Atlantique Sud ULM - Arrivée Fernando de Norohna - 1991
Traversée Atlantique nage et dérive - 1995
Los Llanos - Venezuela 2013
Tête tortue verte - Isabella - Galapagos - 2014
Dolphins - Atlantique - 2012
Tête d'Anaconda - Los Llanos - 2013
Prao Funambule - recordman du monde de vitesse open - Brest 1981
Jeune frégate - San Cristobal - Galapagos 2014

« When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money »
proverbe indien d'Amérique





1. About sailing and proas!

- Buy a boat: a good indication on the market:

- A dynamic forum of often competent people very far from the french cruising forums:

- The richest site about proas. An interesting starting point to discover the diversity of proa aficionados:

2. To help the planet survive, the seeds of revolt!

International Union for Conservation of Nature -

- Greenpeace

- Seashepperd

- The FAO

- Attac, because another world is possible

- "Les économistes atterrés" : because the solutions implemented by the political class in power lead into the wall!

- To wake up at night thinking about the future of children!

3. The politics at the heart of the fight:

- September 11, the beginning of the end ...

- The film that must be watched to understand that nothing has happened as indicated in the official report of 09 11th and ask for a judicial inquiry into the attacks!

- The always disturbing vision of a French journalist living in the Middle East on what happens there! The question of misinformation carried out by our media and our policies!

- Another form of political sdivuggle exemplified in the new left of the world

4. Ecology, CO², alternative energies

- The wind as a source of energy

- A lot of information on what can be done in France in the field of energy

- A database on wind energy: Windpower

- Sunshine map in almost every coundivy in the world

- site dealing with general problems of ecology

- New technologies (nanoparticles) in photovoltaics

- On wave energy:

5. Observe the earth and the climate:

- A wealth of free information

- Products for sailors: maps, etc.

- a French site on the climate

- Ifremer

- Satellite images:

6. About the research:

- The M.I.T., a source of communications in many fields

- An amazing researcher that I like a lot. He disturbs and has been osdivacized for his positions that question the pontificate of the system: Jean Pierre Petit