Stroboscopie pour étude de palmage - 1994
Banc de requins gris - Fakarava -Tuamotus - 2015
Crabe des Galapagos - 2010
Jeune fou pattes rouges - Los Aves - Venezuela 2013
Pélican - Los Roques - Venezuela - 2013
Dérive cloche sous marine - océan Indien - 1998
Prao Rosières - 1982
Prao Pacifique Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon - 1986
Atoll Los rocas - Traversée Atlantique Sud en ULM - 1991
Traversée Atlantique Sud ULM - Arrivée Fernando de Norohna - 1991
Traversée Atlantique nage et dérive - 1995
Los Llanos - Venezuela 2013
Tête tortue verte - Isabella - Galapagos - 2014
Dolphins - Atlantique - 2012
Tête d'Anaconda - Los Llanos - 2013
Prao Funambule - recordman du monde de vitesse open - Brest 1981
Jeune frégate - San Cristobal - Galapagos 2014

« When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money »
proverbe indien d'Amérique






These amazing machines are an important part of my life. I have divaveled 70 000 miles of oceans on my three praos and even if they were also sources of accidents of life, I remain passionate about this type of multihull because they are stuffed with talents both in cruise and in competition .

Why do all those who enter the world of proa remain attached to these particular boats as soon as they have tasted their indivinsic qualities? There are many reasons that justify this craze:

1. Because the proas allow to go closer to the edges of the speed  polar, in areas inaccessible to the catamarans and trimarans close in their geometric characteristics ,

2. Because they are economically interesting sailing boats as soon as we are able to optimize their structures,

3. Because they are the only sailboats that have a real reverse, an important cruise element of comfort and safety ,

4. Because they are the only ones that can be totally stopped even in heavy weather.

5. Because they require to question his marine knowledge, and therefore offer the opportunity to intellectualize the use to his boat,

6. Because they are "logical" sailboats and, moreover, they are the oldest boats in the world. Maybe the proas, as the oldest ships, are engrammed in our genes ...


Database on proas 


I have gathered here a set of information about "Western" proas able to navigate other than as a beach gear. These proas have existed or are still sailing. You will find their main characteristics and at least two images that characterize them. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and I will be happy to enrich it. If you notice that errors have crept into the cards, I will be happy to be notified and I will correct them.

For that, you can download the form that you can fill up and send to me :

In addition, if you have specific information on proas Atlantic or Pacific that are not in the list, download the form, fill it and send it back  with not  too bad (if possible) photos that characterize this prao.

Here is a list of proas ...


Atlan. = prao atlantique  / Pacif. = prao Pacifique / Atlan Pacif. = prao monodrome

1A. About face
2P. Akka
2..PAlex Calothis
3A. Anglia pipedream
4P. Aroha
5P. Askellic
6P. Aye Aye
7A. Azulao
8AP. Azurex
9P Back and forth
9A. Belvédère
10P. Blind date
12A. Cheers
13P. Crossbow 1
14AP. Crossbow 2
15P. Dolphin sky
16P. Des jours meilleurs
17P. Desesperado
18P. Drawn onward
18A. Eka grata
19A. Epicemar
20A. Epicure
21P. Equilibre
23A. Eterna Royal Qartz
24A. Fumée noire
25A. Funambule
26P. Gaias dream
27P. Hocuspocus
27..P. J.D. Agan proa
28P. Jackknife
28A. Jo's toy
29P. Jzerro
30AP. Kalapuna
31P. Kauri 37
32.1P. Kiteik
32P. Kleen breeze
33P. Kotaha
34P. ku hu
35P. UNI-kat
35A. Lady Godiva
36P. Lazarus
38P. Madness
39P. Mareinoa
40P. Mbuli
40.1AP. Micromegas
40.2. Melbourne proa
41P. Montpellier languedoc roussillon
42P. Nixe
43P. Ono
44P. Pacific bee
44.2P. Palindrome
45P. Petrel
46A. Pi
46.1P. Piawatha
46P. Ping pong
48.2P. Prao cargo
47P. Prenninger design
48P. P12
49P. Rosières
53P. Salamba
54P. Salambala
55P. Seaflier
56P. Slingshot
57.1P Solitarry
57P. Steinar proa.
58A. Tahiti douche
59P. Team Pure and wild
61P. Un air de famille
61.1P Vanille framboise
62P. Vestas Sailrocket
63P. Visionnary
64A. Walkyrie
65A.Yo YANG 

Atlan  - 50 ft
Pacif. - 36 ft 
Pacif  - 25 ft
Atlan  - 34.1 ft.
Pacif. - 40 ft
Pacif. - 30 ft
Pacif. - 33 ft
Atlan. - 42 ft
Atlan. Pacif - 59.9 ft
Pacif. - 40 ft
Atlan. - 26 ft
Pacif. - 50 ft
Atlan. - 40 ft 
Pacif. - 56 ft
Pacif. - 56 ft
Pacif. - 53 ft
Pacif. - 62.5 ft
Pacif. - 22 ft
Pacif. - 56 ft
Atlan. - 57 ft
Atlan. - 40 ft
Atlan. - 35 ft
Pacif. - 38.5 ft
Atlan. - 54 ft
Atlan. - 65 ft
Atlan. - 56 ft
Pacif. - 71 ft
Pacif. - 39.6 ft
Pacif. - 26.3 ft
Pacif. - 36 ft
Atlan. - 34.5 ft
Pacif. - 36 ft
Pacif. - 26.3 ft
Pacif. - 37 ft
Pacif. - 53.7 ft
Pacif. - 65.8 ft
Pacif. - 14 ft
Pacif. - 26 ft
Pacif. - 20 ft
Atlan. - 31.1 ft
Pacif. - 26 ft
Pacif. - 31 ft
Pacif. - 39.5 ft
Pacif. - 20 ft
Atlan.Pacif - 21.5 ft
Pacif. - 60 ft
Pacif. - 70 ft
Pacif. - 38.1 ft
Pacif. - 50 ft
Pacif. - 38 ft
Pacif. - 30 ft
Pacif. - 19.5 ft
Atlan. - 30 ft
Pacif. - 23 ft
Pacif. - 23 ft
Pacif. - 40 ft
Pacif. - 24.6 ft
Pacif. - 39.5 ft
Pacif. - 60 ft
Pacif. - 19.7 ft
Pacif. - 49.2 ft
Pacif. - 15 ft
Pacif. - 60 ft
Pacif. - 50 ft
Pacif. - 66 ft
Atlan. - 55.09 ft
Pacif. - 24 ft
Pacif. - 31.1 ft
Pacif. - 38 ft
Pacif. - 40 ft
Pacif. - 50 ft
Atlan. - 70 ft
Atlan. - 70 ft


Book on proas


A technical book on proas that I wish the most exhaustive possible is being written. The above database will be included in its annexes. This book will discuss the differences between Atlantic and Pacific proas, different rigs, rudders and daggerboards, maneuvers, design and construction of these vessels.